GOP Council Team Complete ‘49 Towns, 1 Delco’ Tour

GOP Council Team Complete ‘49 Towns, 1 Delco’ Tour

Morgan, Colvin and Raith Focused on Listening Before Leading

Media, PA: Delaware County Council candidates Jim Raith, Kelly Colvin and Mike Morgan visited each of Delaware County’s 49 boroughs and townships, five months ahead of this November’s Election. Having made listening a priority, the candidates heard from residents across Delaware County.

“People want to be heard,” said Mike Morgan, “That is why we launched our ‘49 Towns, 1 Delco Tour’ almost immediately.”

“Delaware County is strong because it is diverse,” said Kelly Colvin, “Hearing the perspective of our neighbors affirmed to me that residents are ready for a new style of leadership.”

“While our county is diverse, it was clear to me that people want the same thing,” said Jim Raith, “They want a county government that runs responsibly, efficiently, effectively and treats them with respect.”

The candidates proactively visited each of Delaware County’s 27 boroughs, 21 townships, and the City of Chester to learn from residents first-hand.  Businesses, non-profits, municipal elected officials and county facilities anchored many of their stops throughout Delaware County.  The tour began in late April 2019 and was completed on June 14th, 2019.  The candidates will continue to meet with county residents through visits, tours, walks, talks, sit-downs, meetings and work sessions.

“Who ever heard of candidates visiting every town in a county a full 143 days before an election?” asked Tom McGarrigle, Chair of the Delaware County Republican Party, “I’m so proud of our team.  County residents will be even more proud of their leadership on County Council next year.”

“What struck me the most was our boroughs,” said Morgan, “The commitment of local leaders to revitalize their fantastic towns is truly inspiring.”

“Families want our social service support systems to be a true resource: the red tape needs to end,” said Colvin, “We are going to streamline the bureaucracy and empower those on the front lines to solve problems.”

“We have a clear vision for the county,” said Raith, “We visited each town to help inform that vision and find even better ways to move Delaware County forward.”

“We can’t wait to share our new proposals that came from our tour,” closed Morgan, “We can tell you this right now: the time for ‘business as usual’ is over.”


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  • Roseanne Hunt-Harkin

    By Roseanne Hunt-Harkin

    When I fill out presidential inquiry forms, there is not even a box to check for the needs of the elderly. For 2019, Pennsylvania got a failing status in quality of care for the frail elderly. We have many needs that are not even listed. Indivisible is a good term for seniors in Delco. The Housing Office that administers HUD through Delco expects elderly people who don’t even use computers to update their standing on the computerized waiting list. This needs to be audited and changed.

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