“Crisis Care Facility” Proposal Released by GOP Council Candidates

“Crisis Care Facility” Proposal Released by GOP Council Candidates

Morgan, Colvin, & Raith Lead on Treating the Dangerously Mentally Ill

MEDIA, PA: Republican Delaware County Council candidates Mike Morgan, Kelly Colvin and Jim Raith announced a plan to create a “Crisis Care Facility” aimed at treating the dangerously mentally ill. The proposed 20-bed facility would fill a significant void in the mental health spectrum to treat those who present a danger to themselves and others.

“We will create a ‘Crisis Care Facility’ to provide desperately needed treatment for the dangerously mentally ill,” said County Council candidate Mike Morgan.

“Our proposal protects our community while ensuring those who need help can get help.” said County Council candidate Kelly Colvin, “This is a real county government policy to address gun violence as we look to both Congress and our State Legislature to address our gun laws.”

“We will act to prevent more tragedies,” said County Council candidate Jim Raith, “There will be no cost to the patient or their families who have suffered enough.”

The proposed in-patient facility would provide mental health treatment to those deemed a danger to themselves and others.  The facility, adhering to best practices in the field, would implement a treatment plan to put the dangerously mentally ill on a path toward stability and healing.  To be placed in treatment, the individual posing a danger to themselves and others must be admitted by a county judge after expedient due process.

“The constant terror these families and neighbors experience knowing that a person is primed to do harm must be unbearable,” said Morgan, “People who need help must get help and we are going to lead instead of waiting for others to act.”

“The potential cost of inaction is unspeakable,” continued Colvin, “With county government managing mental health treatment dollars totaling in the hundreds of millions, we will prioritize this course of treatment.”

“We believe strongly in due process; we will not let this system be abused,” continued Raith, “This is the appropriate role for county government to fulfil to proactively reduce gun violence.  We will work with our towns to coordinate a strategy and educate our state and federal legislators on our best practices.”

2 Replies to ““Crisis Care Facility” Proposal Released by GOP Council Candidates

  • Jim McLaughlin

    By Jim McLaughlin

    I do think this is a good idea. This kind of reminds me of the state mental hospitals that used to be found throughout the country. They were eventually all closed down, which in my opinion resulted in too many mental health patients being left out into the open. I believe this is an actually very good start or a rebirth to something that needs to be handled. I met Kelly and Jim tonight at a function. I wish I had more time to chat with him, but I feel that this is a great idea

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