Council Candidates to UDSD: Stop Bullying Clifton Heights

Council Candidates to UDSD: Stop Bullying Clifton Heights

Offer Plan to Save Fields and Move Forward

Media, PA: Delaware County Council candidates Kelly Colvin, Jim Raith and Mike Morgan oppose a proposal by the Upper Darby School District to seize the Clifton Heights Athletic Field for development.  The candidates offer a solution to save the fields and locate future school sites, while asking Upper Darby School Board Member and County Council candidate Dr. Monica Taylor to clarify her role in enabling the school district to seize Clifton’s green space.

“Once open space is lost, it is lost forever,” said Colvin, “Clifton Field is an indispensable piece of open space that anchors the community.  The field must be protected.”

On Sunday, April 7th, approximately 500 residents gathered at Clifton Field to communicate with the Upper Darby School Board the level of importance the green space has on their community.  Two days later, the Upper Darby School Board proposed a resolution that would take the field away, despite repeated calls for more meetings and transparency around the issue.  The resolution was withdrawn hours before the board meeting. 

“The resolution looked to be an attempt by the school board to circumvent a public process and impose their will on Clifton Heights,” continued Colvin, “Bullying a community to concede on their position is not the way.”

Colvin served on the Upper Darby School District Facilities Committee.  Her experience made clear that a complete strategy to address school district facilities is not in place.

“I served on the District’s Facilities Committee; they simply do not have a true strategy,” said Colvin, “It is premature for the District to claim that all possible options have been exhausted, forcing the District to take Clifton’s open space away.”  

“Dr. Taylor has been one of the decision makers in the process and I would like to understand her position on it all,” continued Colvin, “This resolution, along with other rash decision-making, makes it clear that more level heads must prevail.”

Dr. Monica Taylor is a School Board Member of the Upper Darby School District.  Dr. Taylor will be on the ballot this November as a candidate for Delaware County Council. 

“As a County Council member, I would instruct the County Planning Department to provide the necessary expertise to the District,” said Colvin, “Educators should be teaching kids, not dealing with land-use issues.”

“Also, I would dedicate $100,000 from the County to help preserve the Clifton open space outright,” continued Colvin, “My son attended Primos Elementary and plays ball on those fields.  I have coached softball with my Clifton neighbors, that space is the heartbeat of Clifton, they should never have to worry about losing it again”

 “This is what leadership looks like,” said Mike Morgan, “We are a team that will bring people together to focus on solutions.”

“If a school district can take the only park away from Clifton residents, what could happen in your town?” asked Jim Raith, “Taxpayers deserve elected officials who listen, then lead.”

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