GOP Candidates Offer Humane Stray Dog Plan

GOP Candidates Offer Humane Stray Dog Plan

Propose prison partnership to rehabilitate dogs for adoption

Media, PA: Delaware County Council candidates Jim Raith, Kelly Colvin and Mike Morgan proposed an innovative solution to solving the stray dog challenge faced by communities throughout the County. Under their plan, a partnership would be formed with the George W. Hill Correctional Facility (Delaware County Prison) to rehabilitate dogs for adoption.

“Our county prison should be used as a resource to rehabilitate stray dogs,” said Jim Raith, “This potential partnership is a way to solve a problem with the resources we already have.”

“Delaware County has a broken system to handle stray dogs,” continued Raith, “Each of our 49 towns is expected to contract with a ‘dog catcher;’ in most cases the dogs are taken to a facility to be euthanized.”

“We know there is a better way,” said Kelly Colvin, “This is inhumane. We can do better.”

Since 2001, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has been working with inmates to teach socialization and obedience skills to shelter dogs and raising puppies to become service dogs for individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities. 20 prisons in Pennsylvania have implemented these types of programs with great success. (1) Organizations like the Pennsylvania non-profit “New Leash on Life” train inmates to care for stray dogs and socialize the dogs to enhance their adoptability. (2)

“Across the country, counties are working with their prison systems as a resource to rehabilitate stray dogs,” continued Mike Morgan, “Our prison is perfectly suited to do the same. It is a proven concept that works.”

“Under our plan, inmates would care for the dogs on the prison grounds,” said Raith, “The inmates are given meaningful responsibility, which is welcomed by both the inmates and the prison leadership.”

“Once a dog is deemed ready to be adopted, worthy future dog owners can make the dogs part of their families,” continued Colvin, “All of this is done at little to no cost to taxpayers.”

“I spoke yesterday at the Delaware County Council Meeting to raise this great idea,” continued Raith, “After our team’s tour of the prison, I was heartened to learn that prison officials share our enthusiasm for this potential program.”

“Our team will continue to propose solutions for Delaware County,” closed Raith, “This is the type of leadership we will bring to county government.”


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    Awesome, anything I can do.

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    So wonderful

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    Fantastic idea!

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