Transparency and Progress for Delaware County

Kelly, Jim and Mike have a vision for Delaware County.  

They will make County Government more transparent and move us forward.

Plan for Transparency:

Government should be transparent, inclusive and accessible.  It ensures policy makers, who work for you, have enough input and perspective to make the best decisions.

Our proposal includes:

-Weekly Council Meetings: County Council meets twice a month.  Critical issues develop far too quickly today.  Council should be in position to learn and be proactive with more frequency.  County Council should meet once a week.

-Televised/Streamed Live Meetings: People are busy.  You should be able to learn what government is doing on your schedule.  Our team will televise and stream County Council Meetings.

-Hold Council Meetings at Night: Sometimes, you want to be there in person.  You should not have to take off from work to see County Council.  Our team will hold half of our meetings at night.

-Hold Council Meetings Across the County:  Our team will bring government to you by holding a portion of our County Council meetings across the county.

-Hold Prison Board Meetings in the Courthouse: The best way to manage our prison system is by making sure prison board meetings are public and accessible.

Plan for Progress:

Government should always seek better ways to do its job.  We want your tax dollars spent on what is efficient and effective.

Our proposal includes:

-Enhancing the County’s Role in Promoting Healthy Communities: From cutting-edge healthcare partnerships to rapid medical response, Delaware County has access to world-class health and public safety innovation.  Through the county’s Department of Intercommunity Health, today’s technology enables County Government to manage health issues in ways thought impossible just a few short years ago.  The long-term savings and overall public benefit make now the right time to enhance the county’s role in promoting healthy outcomes without burdening taxpayers, including the potential creation of a Health Department.

-Street Scape and Open Space Initiative:  Protecting open space and revitalizing older business districts increases property values, attracts new businesses and makes our neighborhoods even better.  Our initiative will provide funding for improved sidewalks and lighting, pocket parks and open space, brownfield remediation and ensure that development in Delaware County is part of a smart infrastructure plan.

-“IT for Me” Initiative:  Our “IT for Me” Initiative will put your needs first.  Anything that can be delivered online, should be delivered online.  Getting what you need from county government should be seamless and stress-free without having to make an extra trip to Media and hunt for parking.  The county website should be helpful and easy to use.  Making our IT infrastructure work for you saves taxpayers money and makes life easier.

-Budget Transformation:  With the County Budget of nearly $355M, taxpayers deserve peace of mind in knowing their money is well-spent.  Our plan is to mandate “zero-based budgeting,” which would require department heads to justify every dollar requested, every year.  To drive down costs even further, we will implement more competitive forms of contract bidding to ensure taxpayers are getting the best value possible.