Council Candidates Release ‘Transparency and Progress’ Plan

Council Candidates Release ‘Transparency and Progress’ Plan

Fresh perspective, real solutions offered by Colvin, Raith and Morgan

Media, PA: Delaware County Council candidates Kelly Colvin, Jim Raith and Mike Morgan unveiled their “Transparency and Progress for Delaware County” plan today. The bold plan is the candidates’ starting point for making Delaware County even better.

“Between work and family, people are busy,” said Mike Morgan, “Our job as County Council members will be to make government as easy and friction-free for you as possible.”

“Right out of the gate, we want to share our vision,” said Jim Raith, “Having never voted to raise taxes, I can tell you that we can accomplish this plan without costing taxpayers more money.”

“We want to be inclusive. Listening to people was the key to writing this plan,” said Kelly Colvin, “We will be elected officials who listen first, then put those concerns into policies.”

“After running on transparency, County Council Democrats reduced the number of Council meetings by half which should not have been agreed to by all,” said Raith, “Eliminating half of the public meetings is the opposite of transparency. Our first motion will be to restore County Council meetings to once a week and stream them live. We will also move half of the meetings to the evenings to make it easier for you to attend.”

“Having served as Chair of County Council, you can’t run county government by meeting only two times a month,” said Delaware County Republican Chairman Tom McGarrigle, “Taxpayers deserve better.”

The “Transparency and Progress for Delaware County” plan focuses on delivering government services more efficiently and effectively while ensuring more residents can have their voice heard. Key points include:

-Holding more frequent and accessible county council meetings, stream meetings live and conduct evening council meetings;

-Funding for revitalizing older business districts and protecting open space;

-Enhancing the County’s role in promoting healthy communities, including the potential creation of a Health Department;

-An “IT for Me” initiative to ensuring anything that can be delivered online is delivered online; and,

-Adopting zero-based budgeting and more competitive forms of contract bidding.

Details on these points and more can be found on their new website,

“As a working mom, streaming council meetings makes it easier to learn what is happening in the county when it is most convenient for you,” said Colvin, “Holding county council meetings at night and across the county also makes government more transparent and accessible.” Colvin is a working mother with two children, one with special needs.

“Revitalizing older business districts and creating pocket parks are critical to preserving open space,” said Raith, “The more attractive and convenient our older towns are, the less pressure there is to develop open space.” Raith is a Thornbury Township Supervisor, recognized for his efforts to protect open space.

“Media is a beautiful place to visit but we all know parking there is a chore. Why should you have to drive to Media if county government can provide a service online?” closed Morgan, “Our ‘IT for Me’ Initiative will make your life easier and save taxpayers money.” Morgan has a background in global business and Information Technology consulting.

The candidates look forward to sharing their vision with voters.

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